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These Students Made an Adorable Animation About Plastic Pollution & It's so Inspiring

You'll never want to use a straw again.

The kids are all right.

If there's any hope to be had in our environment surviving, it's because of the children — like a group of kids from Flagstaff, Arizona, who know the importance of recycling and the dangers of plastic in our oceans.

According to Flagstaff Live, a group of young students recently collaborated on a three-minute stop-animation about plastic pollution in the sea.

Called "The Last Straw," it succinctly explains the threat of trash, while also being totally creative and fun to watch.

In the video, a sloth tosses out a straw, which ends up being eaten by a sea turtle.

plastic pollution animation

Giphy/Animation Station

It's a totally accurate depiction of how single-use items like straws plague sea creatures who often mistake them for food.

Fed up with seeing the damage to the ocean, an alien comes down and takes the sloth into the future to show the impact of the sloth's actions.

It's 2050, and there's more plastic in the sea than we ever imagined.

plastic pollution animation

Giphy/Animation Station

The kids' video is short and fun, but it also drives home the impact of plastic waste on the sea.

It ends on a positive note, with the characters learning a lesson and recycling the trash they find.

plastic pollution animation

Giphy/Animation Station

These kids are walking the talk. According to Flagstaff Live, all the video's props are made out of recycled materials like plastic bottles, bags, toilet paper rolls, paper plates and more. And in real life they're all working to be greener as well.

"We try not to use straws, and if we get any plastic utensils we try to reuse them," 12-year-old Abby told Flagstaff Live.

If this video doesn't inspire you to join Abby and her classmates to clean up our act, nothing will.

Add your name right now and pledge to do your part to protect our oceans from plastic pollution with Oceana.

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