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This Polar Bear Might Be the Next Big Wildlife Photographer [PHOTOS]

Step aside, humans. Let this bear show you how it's done.

Wildlife photographer Roie Galitz typically likes his subjects in front of the camera's lens. But one polar bear had different ambitions. Instead of being the star of the shoot, it seems like he wanted to direct the whole thing.

Galitz was recently in Svalbard, Norway, where he was capturing polar bear footage for an upcoming film for BBC called Snow Bears.

He was able to capture some incredible intimate moments in the day in a life of a polar bear.

As he and his team were getting some shots, though, they noticed that one of the polar bears wasn't content with just posing for a few pics. He was rapidly making his way toward the crew. In fact, he was moving so quickly that they jumped on a snowmobile in order to be out of its way in case it decided it wanted to attack.

But the bear wasn't interested in giving the crew a hard time. Instead, it just wanted to check out what was going on.

Galitz was able to get a great shot of the curious creature glancing through the viewfinder of the camera, perhaps seeing his own world from a bit of a different angle.

Galitz said that when the polar bear realized he probably couldn't eat any of the camera stuff, he moseyed away in search of other entertainment.

It's not the only time that animals have to be in control of the lens.

One of the most famous animal portraits is a selfie taken by a monkey that wound up being the subject of a long court battle.

It's a little bit more difficult for an underwater animal to grab a hold of a camera, but when photographers come knocking, many are definitely ready for their closeup.

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