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WATCH: Drone Captures Rare Footage of Flying Mobula Rays

Sitting in a boat amid breaching mobula rays has been likened to sitting in a pot of popcorn as the kernels explode into the air.

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MBARI /YouTube

Meet Stygiomedusa Gigantea, a Giant Jellyfish With Scarves for Arms

Its long, ribbon-like arms can measure over 30 feet long.

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WATCH: This Octopus Is Trying to Eat a Giant Pufferfish

Um, does the octopus know that pufferfish are SUPER poisonous?

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How Humpback Whales Are Tricking Fish Into Getting Eaten

The clever new hunting method requires no energy from the whale, and it works like a charm.

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Watch This Baby Shark Swim Around in a Transparent Egg

It's going to hatch 830 feet under the sea.

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