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Reddit Is Obsessed With This Colorful Squat Lobster, and You Will Be Too

Lobsters aren't always red. This squat lobster from the coral reefs of French Polynesia looks like a tiny modern art museum.

Most of us think of lobsters as red, but there are so many other ways to be a lobster. This one, for example, does not let expectations hold it back.


It looks like an entire modern art museum, complete with the Yayoi Kusama dots:


Galathea pilosa is a species of squat lobster, a group of small crustaceans with flat bodies that are dwarfed by comparatively long arms and giant pincers.

Photo by T. Y. Chan and C. W. Lin

G. pilosa in particular lives only in the shallow reefs of French Polynesia, where its colors likely help it blend in with coral. It packs all its wild patterns into a carapace only about 1 centimeter long.


When someone posted a photo of the psychedelic lobster on Reddit, the thread quickly turned into a conversation about drugs, sex and "The Life Aquatic"...





... but mostly the B-52s.



This species is definitely song-worthy.


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