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This River Otter First Date Will Melt Your Heart and Maybe Scare You

Good first dates are adorable. Otters are adorable. So by any logic, an otter date would make for something overwhelmingly, exceedingly, mega-adorable.

There are, perhaps, two universal truths in this world. First, (good) first dates are adorable. Second, otters are adorable. So by any logic, the combination of these two entities (an otter date) would make for something overwhelmingly, exceedingly, mega-adorable.



Luckily, you don’t need to imagine how cute a first date would be between two river otters because a local hero was kind enough to videotape the whole romp. And it is a wild, wild romp.

Someone at Laurel Point in Victoria, Canada took a video of a ferocious first river otter date. The video shows the pair running through green meadows, concrete sidewalks and a gravelly little beach. Later the two take their love to the ocean, where they splash around together in shallow water.



At times, the video does look a little violent — a common theme in mating in the animal kingdom. River otters are polygynous, meaning a male river otter will mate with several female river otters to increase the chance of having more offspring. And according to river otter experts, the process is far from relaxing.

Gordon Green, a marine biologist with SpringTide Whale Watching and Eco Tours, gave his two cents on a local broadcast. “It’s very aggressive mating that they go through. They usually grab the female by the back of the neck with their mouth and teeth and hold them down.”

River otters breed from December to April, so your chances of spotting another river otter date remain high for the next few weeks. But if you don’t happen to spy any otters in the throes of romance, just wait until May when river otters begin to pup.

And if you thought nothing could be any cuter than a first date between two river otters, just wait until you see a newborn river otter pup.




(You're welcome.)




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Illustration by Fabio Manucci

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