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This Russian Fisherman Has Caught the Craziest Fish You've Ever Seen

These photos are WILD.

It's everyone's favorite time of the year — spooky Halloween month, and that means it's time to check in with famed Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov. He's known for his scary finds under the sea and blesses his social media with pictures of his catches.

Azula has previously reported on his wildest catches of 2016 and 2017.

And here's what he's dredged up in 2018. Prepare for spookiness.

1. A creepy cod from Norway.

2. This fish with a mouthful of chompers.

3. A sea anemone who refused to leave its rock behind.

4. This anglerfish called a sea devil.

The name certainly fits.

5. This fish that looks like a dragon.

6. And this other fish that also looks like a dragon.

7. Whatever this is.

8. These slimy sea cucumbers.

9. This group of fish that look like grandpas.

10. A genuine cyclops.

11. A spooky spider from the deep.

12. This gooshy-looking thing.

13. This fanged fish.

14. This terrifying black angler.

15. A glowing ghost shark.

16. This spiky crustacean.

17. This giant-mouthed beast.

18. A remora with its sucker disk in full view.

19. A spooky monkfish.

20. This weird-looking thing.

21. And yet another strange fish.

Super strange.

In a tweet from September 4, Fedortsov revealed that he was headed back to sea to catch even more creepy creatures.

Hello everyone! I will be at sea for 2,5 months. Without internet(((. See you in late autumn. I hope you will like my new photos!

When he returns in a few months, fans can look forward to seeing what he's been able to find this time.

For now, enjoy the toothy fish he left as his goodbye tweet and keep an eye out for when he gets back to Twitter with more stunning photos of spooky sea monsters.

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