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For one stranded bottlenose dolphin, Halloween was anything but fun. A female dolphin was found in critical condition on October 31, but fortunately she received help in time and is on the road to recovery.

According to 10 News, the stranded dolphin was spotted in St. Petersburg, Florida, by a boater who called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for help. (Remember: Never attempt to put a stranded dolphin back in the water yourself. If they're sick or injured, this can only make the problem worse.)

The FWC took the dolphin to a dolphin hospital at the Mote Marine Laboratory.

The lab named her Salem, since she came in on Halloween, and she's been recuperating under their care ever since. The Mote website even updates concerned citizens daily about Salem's recovery, which is going slow but steady.

When she was first brought in, the lab said she was exhibiting signs of severe stress, such as breathing quickly, vomiting and arching her back. Since then, the laboratory staff has been monitoring Salem 24 hours a day.

The Mote site noted that she had superficial shark bites and seemed thin upon first examination. The staff also checked her blood, which they'll test for signs of red tide poisoning as a possible cause for her stranding.

The toxic algae bloom has already killed a record number of dolphins in Florida this year, Azula previously reported.

Thankfully Salem isn't adding to those sad statistics. Mote says she's now eating on her own and has a healthy appetite, but her condition is still being closely monitored as she was battling an infection as of November 6.

But things are looking much better for Salem than they were on Halloween. She may have been handed a trick that day, but the treat was that someone cared enough to call for help — and that help arrived in time.

It's a Halloween miracle.

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