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When a Sea Lion Fell Asleep in the Middle of the Road, People Started Singing to Her

Naturally, they sang "Touched by a Rose," by Seal.

There are a lot of reasons being a sea lion would be fun — and one of them is getting to sleep wherever, whenever.

Like how this sea lion fell asleep in the middle of a San Diego street.

According to CBS 8, police were recently called to a scene where a sea lion was blocking traffic. The outlet reported that passersby stopped to stand guard over the sea lion until police came.

Some could even be heard singing "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal, according to NBC San Diego.

You can listen to that in the video below:

Of course, as Azula previously reported, sea lions and seals are actually different animals with different traits for people to be able to tell them apart.

For example, seals don't have ear flaps and sea lions do. And seals aren't able to move on land very well, but sea lion flippers let them do so with ease.

It's likely how this little lady made it into the road.


But we'll let the seal/sea lion confusion slide this time. Mostly because people serenading a marine mammal while she holds up traffic is too amazing to complain about. Also because there's no musician named Sea Lion.

NBC San Diego reported that the sea lion was using the road to scratch her back, but no one can explain how she got there in the first place — especially since she was pretty far inland.

A rescue team eventually picked the animal up so traffic could resume, and she'll be checked out by a vet pending her release back into the sea.

Still, even once she's back home, we're sure she'll never forget her lazy lounge on the San Diego street while people sang to her and she napped and scratched her back.

What a life.


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