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World's Most Confused Sea Lion Has to Be Rescued From Forest

Poor dude had to be lifted out of the woods by a front-end loader.

Sea lions are kind of known for ending up where they don't belong, often sleeping in a boat. But one confused sea lion got so off track that he ended up spending a few days in a forest and wandering around an Alaska town.

Residents first noticed the sea lion walking along a road in the middle of Sitka, Alaska. You can see that he looks quite out of place.

At this point, he was only about a quarter-mile from the water, but that's pretty far for sea lions, which usually stick close to the water's edge. It had been two days already, so at this point, animal experts said he was likely hungry, dehydrated and confused.

The fire department tried shooting him with a hose to move him closer to the water.

They managed to encourage him to get about halfway there before the poor guy gave up and ran into the woods, of all places.

This was definitely the first time the town dealt with this problem, and many were surprised by how huge the sea lion was — male sea lions can weigh around 1,900 pounds.

"This is my first sea lion in town, yes," Craig Warren, the fire department's senior engineer, told KTVA. "I have not seen any of this before; I've been here 27 years."

The sea lion ended up hiding in the woods for two more days. The town then decided to call in the professionals.

A veterinarian was brought in for advice. Next, they brought in a front-end loader!

They had to sedate the animal first, then worked together to roll him into the truck.

They drove him out to the ocean at least. When he woke up, they urged him toward the open water — in the video, you can even hear people cheering him on.

Finally, he dives in.

We doubt he much enjoyed his time in the woods, but maybe he did some reflecting or forest bathing? Either way, we're sure he's happier being back in the water where he belongs.

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