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If Sea Otters Were Your Roommates

Full disclosure: This is a shameless excuse for sea otter gifs, but what better way to celebrate Sea Otter Awareness Week?

In honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week, we're imagining what it would be like to live with the ocean's cutest mammals.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Paxson Woelber


Seems like it would be the best, right?


But after some careful consideration ...

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Mrkoww


... we've realized that sea otters would probably be nightmare roommates.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Pacific Southwest Region USFWS


Just think about it.

You know that family friend of yours who grew up being told only how special and perfect they are? Sea otters are exactly like that, only they don't just get adoration from their moms.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Mike Baird


They also get it from every human who has ever walked into an aquarium and realized how badly they needed this backpack.

It's really hard to stay grounded once people are making backpacks in your image.


So if they were our roommates, we're going to guess that sea otters would feel entitled to all the best snacks we've been saving for late-night Netflix sessions.


They would probably hog the bathroom forever while perfecting their look.


And we wouldn't put it past them to have a party the night before we have to wake up for a big job interview.

Photo Credit: Public Domain Images, Karney Lee


When we try to bring up our concerns, they would most likely have no idea where we're coming from.

"What do you mean, dude?" we can imagine them saying.


Photo Credit: Flickr, Mike Baird


They might even put up a fight, telling us to live a little and enjoy our youth.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Mike Baird


But in the end, we know they'll try to make up. And, suckers that we are, we'll let them.



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Because it's scientifically impossible to resist a sea otter.



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