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Credit: National Marine Life Center

Meet Sealonardo DiCaprio, Oscar Winner & Rescued Seal

He's joined by none other than the supermodel Giseal Bündchen.

Watch out, ocean, there's an award-winning actor loose and he's ready to break some hearts. His name is Sealonardo DiCaprio, and he has just been released back into the ocean following a long rehabilitation at the National Marine Life Center, northern New England's only seal hospital.

The Boston Globe reports that Sealonardo was released alongside Giseal Bündchen, all safely returned to the ocean.

Sealonardo DiCaprioCredit: National Marine Life Center

Giseal is probably off somewhere reunited with her husband Seal Tom Brady (we couldn't think of a good pun here); and Sealonardo is probably scouting out harrowing roles, preferably those where he can die on-screen, to win another Oscar and another trophy seal girlfriend.

According to the National Marine Life Center blog, Giseal and Sealonardo were rescued after being separated from their mothers.

Sealonardo DiCaprioCredit: National Marine Life Center

Apparently this happens often, due to a whole range of reasons.

Sometimes harbor seal moms will go off to hunt and leave their pups on the beach. This often leads to humans cooing over the seemingly abandoned harbor seal pup, which then gets spooked and sometimes wanders off on its own, which means the mother can't find her pup when she returns from her meal.

When Giseal was stranded on June 9, she had an ear infection known as otitis media that the center was able to fix after multiple treatments.

Sealonardo DiCaprioCredit: Andrea Spence/National Marine Life Center

Sealonardo was stranded on May 25 at just 12 pounds, but the little fellow grew quickly with the help of the center and ate as much as he could handle.

Sealonardo DiCaprioCredit: National Marine Life Center

The National Marine Life Center found the seals when they were still maternally dependent, meaning they were not old enough or capable enough to survive on their own. So during the rehabilitation, the center taught Giseal and Leo how to swim and fish on their own.

Traditionally, the center names all their rescued seals and other marine creatures along a theme chosen by the staff. The last two seasons have had the theme "Seal-ebrities," which means the center has seen its fair share of famous, flippered patients.

In the past, the center released a rehabilitated seal pup named Seal deGrasse Tyson, who's probably off somewhere in the open ocean staring up at the stars and narrating the history of the cosmos in a deep and gravelly voice.

In case the National Marine Life Center needs any names to round out the next summer of seal-ebrities, here are our suggestions:

  • Beyonséal
  • Gwen Sealfani
  • Sealicia Keys
  • Bruce Seals
  • Miley Sealrus

And last but certainly not least:

  • Seal (like Heidi Klum's ex-husband.)
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