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Credit: Shutterstock, reddit/bovinespecies

This Girl Owned a Dude's Terrible Shark Pickup Line on Tinder

And also debunked some dangerous rumors about the dangers of sharks.

Online dating can be the worst. There's the endless stream of swiping on people who maybe you could love or maybe would hate upon first meeting, but it's all online, so how can you even know?

There's that montage of men holding fish they caught to indicate the size of something else they hold in high importance. And there is also the endless barrage of terrible, mind-numbing pickup lines that seem to presume you're just waiting for some banal pun or canned compliment. And all this is before sharks even get involved.

A Reddit user named bovinespecies recently went public ( at least the Tinder board of Reddit is pretty public) with his own terrible Tinder pickup line and the epic response it warranted, Mashable reports.

Bovinespecies matched with someone named Natalie on 10/25/17, and his first move in the arduous game of courtship was to send what he thought was a winning pickup line: "Are you a shark? Because I've got some swimmers for you to swallow."

Yuck, right? Complete yuck. But Natalie was not to be talked down to like this. Instead, she responded quite quickly with a comprehensive list of facts debunking common myths society has about shark attacks worldwide. Natalie counters bovinespecies' crass attempt at flirting with some science-based reportage that we just can't get enough of.

In Natalie's own words:

"The U.S. has only an average of 19 shark attacks per year. Out of those, usually one every other year is fatal. Globally, only 5 people die from shark attacks each year, while millions die from starvation. And for every human killed by a shark, 2 million sharks are killed by humans.

There's a 1 in 3,700,000 chance of getting killed by a shark. Finally, swimmers and waders count for 38% of shark attacks, while surfers count for more than 50%.

Rethink your pickup line although I will admit I've never heard it before and I appreciate that it was about sharks, even though it was crazy inaccurate."

Natalie's incontrovertible win.Photo Credit: reddit/bovinespecies

Say it louder, Natalie, for the people in the back! And Natalie, if you want to share more about sharks, please get in contact! We'd love to have you.

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