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The Only Shark Week Drinking Game You Need to Know

Shark Week isn't great for seals, but it's great for shark-lovers. This Shark Week drinking game will make your viewing experience even more fintastic.

Shark Week may not be great for seals, but it's a great time for shark-lovers. And, if you’re searching for a way to make the Discovery Channel special even more fun, you could spice up your viewing parties with this 2017 Shark Week drinking game. After all, nothing is better than watching ocean animals do their thing while throwing back a few cold ones.

You can even make a shark-themed cocktail for your Shark Week drinking game if you want to get really into the sea-animal spirit. Of course, follow the below rules while drinking responsibly and only if you’re of age, but otherwise have fun with it. Or, as we like to say, fin with it!




  • There’s an ocean pun. (Don’t worry; the ones we make in this post don’t count.)
  • The phrase, “It's still a bad week to be a seal” is used. Toast to the seals and take a sip.
  • If a shark eats a seal, pour one out in its memory.
  • "JAWS" is mentioned or a clip from the movie is shown.
  • A shark attack is reenacted. (Take five sips if the reenactment is really unconvincing.)
  • You see a new type of “alien shark.”
  • You see a shark that isn't a great white.
  • A hot Australian marine biologist is shown.
  • The camera view shows the underside of a surfboard.
  • You learn something new about sharks. (Don't take a shot, because you want to remember the facts the next day.)
  • The word “chumsicle” is used.
  • A shark hits or bites the camera.




  • The shark racing Michael Phelps beats him.
  • Michael Phelps beats the shark. (Take two if this happens, because that's sea-riously impressive.)
  • If someone who survived a shark attack gets back in the water with them.
  • A surfer says they’re not afraid or concerned about sharks in the water.
  • You see real footage of a shark attack.




  • A shark breaches. Keep drinking as long as the shark is in the air.
  • The "JAWS" music plays, and chug as long as it's on.
  • You see just a fin in the water. Keep chugging until the fin is gone.
  • A diver or cameraman gets really excited about being near a shark. Keep drinking as long as they geek out about it.


Celebrate July 23 to the 30 in style with this Shark Week drinking game and a drink in your hand... the sharks would want it that way.


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