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A Strange New Trump-Themed Fish Restaurant Opened in Kurdistan

Nadyar Zawiti named his restaurant Trump Fish after the president-elect announced his plans to arm Kurdish forces to help fight ISIS.

As President-elect Donald Trump ascended to the highest office in America, inscrutable effigies to his person have popped up across the world. First there were the NSFW statues in New York. Then there was that giant golden rooster in China.

And now there’s a restaurant in, of all places, Iraqi Kurdistan, that only serves carp, CNN reports.


Feast your eyes on the logo for Trump Fish, a restaurant owned by Nadyar Zawiti.


Zawiti named his venture after the American businessman–turned–president-elect announced his plans to arm Kurdish forces to help fight off ISIS. As Zawiti told CNN, "What I admire about Trump's personality is that he's decisive, he's tough and hopefully with that toughness he'll finish ISIS off."

Zawiti has said he is not personally concerned with any of Trump’s other inflammatory and xenophobic campaign promises, such as banning fellow Muslims from entering America. He says they’re just talk.




Trump Restaurant specializes in “maskouf,” a famous dish in Iraq comprised of oily carp fried over a fire. Maskouf can be traced back to ancient methods of grilling fish in the Sumerian and Babylonian eras.




Surprisingly, Trump has spoken out about fish before — at least about the fried kind. He’s a known lover of fast food, particularly McDonald’s Filets-O-Fish. Everyone knows Trump loves fast food. As the Washington Post reports on his daughter Ivanka in an article titled "The world is Trump’s oyster, but he prefers Filet-O-Fish”:


In the one criticism of her father that Ivanka Trump shared with Barbara Walters, she said, “I want him to eat healthier,” and less quickly. “But it’s the only speed he knows.”


Whether Trump Fish can make carp great again remains to be seen.



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