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Surfing is usually always done the same way. You have a board, you paddle the board out into the waves, you try to stand up and ride the good ones in.

But this new invention could totally change surfing as you know it. It's a floating dock that allows surfers to stand and wait for the waves to come to them.

No paddling required.

Giphy/Inventions & Creations

According to a video posted to the Inventions & Creations Facebook page, the dock is made by the company Candock.

It comes in separate pieces so you can build any size or shape floating system you'd like, according to the Candock website. The site boasts that the pieces are light and easy to assemble and work in any type of water — from lakes and rivers to the ocean.

Just check out how it stays together even against the sea's roaring waves.

Giphy/Inventions & Creations

The site also promises the plastic pieces won't oxidize or break down in the water — thus making it a safe option to use around sea life.

In 2017, Candock partnered with Stab, a surfing magazine, to bring together pro surfers and test the dock in the ocean.

It was a big hit.

Giphy/Inventions & Creations

But it also was new territory for the surfers, so there were a few wipeouts and close calls.

Like this guy who almost hit the dock with his board but jumped out of the way at the last second.

Giphy/Inventions & Creations

And this guy who slipped while running down the plastic.

Giphy/Inventions & Creations

Despite any mishaps, the surfers who participated all seemed to have fun, according to their interviews with Volcom.

"The wave caught up to me and knocked me right off my feet. I slid for what felt like forever haha, but it was probably equal to like 10 feet — but I have never laughed so hard I think ever," Imai Devault said.

Ozzie Wright added, "The dock was angry! It wanted to get us, but we were too quick!" Meanwhile, Balaram Stack called the dock "one of those novelty things that you dream about."

Facebook commenters on the video were split on the idea.


Some said it takes away from the full experience of the surfing when you're not paddling. Others said it seemed like an interesting idea, and it would reassure nervous surfers that they can't be shark prey since they're not paddling. (Sharks rarely fatally attack humans, but if the dock brings peace of mind, that's not a bad use.)

Whether you're a fan or not, the dock shows that the sport of surfing is still evolving — whether via digital board fins that collect ocean data while you ride, surf ranches that let people practice on fake waves, or new paddle-less surfing options like this dock.

Watch it in action in the video below:

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