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This 51-Year-Old Is in the Process of Swimming Across the Pacific Ocean

Ben Lecomte is swimming from San Francisco to Tokyo, with an entire team of scientists and researchers by his side.

The idea of swimming across any ocean seems pretty impossible. In fact, it seems totally impossible then you really think about it — and especially when it comes swimming the Pacific Ocean.

When it comes to the Pacific Ocean in particular, it has been sort of impossible so far. No one has done it yet in its entirety. But that doesn't mean it will never be done.

Enter Ben Lecomte, a 51-year-old seasoned swimmer who is attempting to make his way across entire Pacific Ocean.

To be exact, Lecomte is swimming from San Francisco to Tokyo, with an entire team of scientists and researchers by his side.

As Mother Nature Network reported, Lecomte and his team are keeping track of his journey on a variety of platforms. The swimmer's website (fittingly named "The Longest Swim") and Facebook page are among two ways to keep up with the progress and mileage. Lecomte, by the way, has already swam across the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for cancer research.

As the swimmer's Facebook biography states, after swimming the Atlantic and encountering a way-too-friendly shark and many jellyfish, he vowed he would never swim across an ocean again.

But his passion for raising awareness when it comes to climate change and environmental issues pushed him to train again (for four long years) to swim the Pacific Ocean.

Lecomte is followed by a boat and a whole team of experts who track his progress, health and safety as he swims for about eight hours per day. He (along with the help of a team, of course) updates his website's blog regularly about the journey, and also takes time to post interesting photos (see above) and other updates on Facebook and Instagram.

The swimmer recently hit the 1,000 mile mark, and he has a few more thousand to go.

Along the way, not only has Lecomte picked up quite a few followers, but he has also aided in an unprecedented amount of scientific research when it comes to everything from water samples to how swimming for so long affects the human body.

Want to follow the swimmer even more closely?

There's the aforementioned Facebook page, a website, a livestream and Instagram with a wide variety of interesting, inspiring and amazing posts.

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