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8 Swimwear Brands That Are Killing It on Instagram

Here are eight swimwear brands that have quite the Instagram following: pushing their wears, and also transporting followers to places we would rather be.

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere and winter is slowly thawing, then you know its time think on important summer matters such as swimwear.

Here are eight swimwear brands that have impressive followings on social media, and who are not only pushing their wears, but also transporting followers to places we would rather be:


Followers: 2 million

Bold bright colors earned Australia’s Triangl a huge following on social media. Craig Ellis and partner Erin Deering got the idea for the company on their second date.


Followers: 222k

Mikoh is the handy work of sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller, who grew up on the beaches of Orange Country, California—thus making them bikini experts. Oh, and Kalani is dating 11-times world champion surfer Kelly Slater.

Beach Riot

Followers: 90k

The retro-styled Beach Riot also comes out of SoCal. The extremely blond Nicole Hanriot is the designer and founder behind the company.

Swimsuits for All

Followers: 62K

This plus size swimwear brand is totally body positive, knowing even women with curves can rock a bikini. They collaborate with popular bloggers like Gabi Fresh, and showcase a wide variety of colorful, retro pieces.


Followers: 326k

Acacia came about when designer Naomi Newirth teamed up with friend and business partner Lyndie Irons. Newirth hails from Hawaii, and Irons comes from SoCal via a swimsuit-modeling career. She is also married to pro surfer Andy Irons.

San Lorenzo Bikinis

Followers: 179k

San Lorenzo started out in Lima Peru in 1991 and has expanded production to Brazil, where it continues to hire hundreds of local artisans and tailors. The brand also has two stores in Hawaii.

Frankie's Bikinis

Followers: 386k

The goal of designer Francesca Aiello - she puts the Frank in Frankie's -  is always to create good-looking, but functional swimwear designs. It also helps that Aiello is a native of Malibu and part of the surfing community there.


Followers: 228k

Seafolly is your quintessential Australian swimwear line and has been since 1975. At the moment, the brand has model and reality TV star Gigi Hadid as their star muse.

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