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9 Very Important Questions We Still Have About ‘The Life Aquatic’

"The Life Aquatic" is a visually stunning work of art that we love for inspiring curiosity about the ocean. But we have some questions.

Like all Wes Anderson movies, "The Life Aquatic" has that gorgeous, retro, DIY aesthetic that makes us feel like we're living inside a diorama some (very gifted) kid made for a class project in the '70s.


Naturally, we love all things that inspire curiosity about the ocean, but 12 years after the film came out, we're still full of questions. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Where can we watch the rubber tide?


2. What kind of monster could ever get sick of dolphin scouts?

3. Which is cooler: a Weasley sweater or a Zissou sweater?

4. Are sugar crabs edible? Do they taste like sugar, or ...?


5. Why don't small children wear suspenders more often these days?

6. Isn't putting your ship's sauna right next to the laboratory a code violation of at least one kind?


7. Can we file away "Let's go to my island" along with "Anyway, how's your sex life?" in the awkward dialogue hall of fame?

8. Do you think PetSmart carries crayon ponyfish? What brand of fish flakes do they like?


9. Can Seu Jorge sing David Bowie songs at our wedding? Or, you know, just next to our bed as we wake up each morning?

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