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This Whale Movie Prop Is So Real That Passersby Kept Calling the Cops on the Driver

Don't worry — it's just a prop from "The Shallows" being transported.

What would you do if you saw a giant dead whale on the back of someone's truck?

If you answered "call the police," you'd be in the company of many others who did the same — only the whale in question was actually a movie prop that looked a little too realistic.

It would be very easy to be fooled by this:

According to Australia's ABC News, the humpback whale was a prop used in Blake Lively's shark thriller "The Shallows." The 20-foot whale was being moved to its new home in a scrap metal yard — and the driver neglected to cover it up.

So, naturally, concerned citizens kept ringing the police to report the "dead" cetacean. After all, it's illegal to hunt humpback whales.

People were rightfully concerned about what exactly was happening.

"The police called and asked me if I had a dead whale on the back of my truck and I had to explain it was just a prop," Wally Carpenter, the man transporting the whale, told the Courier-Mail."They saw the funny side … sort of."

The whale was used in the film for a scene where Lively's character escapes a hungry shark by climbing onto the deceased whale. Of course, standing on a shark's food source isn't exactly the best survival plan, and Lively soon smartly ditches the whale for a cluster of rocks instead.

You can see in the scene that the whale and its shark bites look super realistic:

Even years after the movie's filming, the flesh wounds on the whale still look totally real. ABC News reported that the prop was made out of a rubber compound, so it has the look and feel of a real whale.

If we saw this driving down the road, we would also be alarmed.

According to ABC News, the prop was initially given to the Tangalooma Island Resort, which was nearby where the movie was filmed. The resort thought they could display the whale — until they got it and realized how banged up it was by the fictional shark.

So into a storage unit it went for a couple of years until Carpenter got it out and offered it to his friend and scrap metal business owner Steve Henderson, per the Courier-Mail.

"He knew I liked these sort of things and he rang me and said, 'Do you want a whale?' Henderson told the outlet. "I said yes, of course. Who wouldn't?"

Same. Whales are awesome.


It was during the journey to the scrap metal yard that the whale drew all that attention — and now Henderson hopes the whale will continue to drive interest towards his business.

The manager of the scrap metal yard, Scott Dagg, told ABC News that they named the whale Willy and plan to use it as a landmark so that people know where to find them.

It's a smart business plan, because the whale is a hard thing to miss when you're driving down the road.

Its high-profile trip to the yard proved that.

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