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All the Things More Likely to Kill You Than a Shark Attack

Look out for those vending machines, people.

Shark attacks are harrowing and real, and anyone entering open water should proceed with caution and respect the fact that sharks deserve space.

But what many people do not realize is that the sea's toothy predators get a pretty bad reputation ...

When in reality, there are a ton of things way more likely to ever kill you than a vicious shark attack.


In fact, sharks aren't even the deadliest animal out there. That honor goes to a much tinier predator: the mosquito.


By carrying potentially fatal diseases like malaria, yellow fever and dengue, the mosquito kills at least 725,000 people every year.

Next up? Snakes. These slithering beasts deserve their bad rap more than sharks do, as they kill as many as 50,000 people a year.


Sharks don't even round out the top five deadliest animals list. Those spots go to dogs, crocodiles and hippos.


Coming in way after those are finally the sharks, whose death toll per year usually sits around 10 people.

Think you can avoid death by animal if you simply avoid any and all animals? Think again.

There are some ordinary things out there way more likely to kill you than any roving beast.

There are usually around 35,000 people who die each year from simply slipping and falling.

Another cold-blooded killer? Falling coconuts. These hit people in the head too often, causing about 150 deaths per year.


Don't forget to err on the side of caution next time you're celebrating — champagne corks kill about 24 people each year.


And while lightning strike deaths have been declining in recent years, thanks in part to awareness campaigns about storm safety, the electric bolts still kill around 15 to 20 people per year — usually double the number that sharks do.


It's a scary world out there, people. Remember to keep yourself out of harm's way — and remember that doesn't just mean keeping yourself away from sharks.

Add your name right now to ban the trade of shark fins in the U.S. and protect our oceans with Oceana.

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