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Watch These Tiny Penguins in Santa Suits Waddle Into Your Heart

There’s cute, and then there’s so cute you want to cry, laugh and maybe cry again. This video falls into the latter category.

There's cute, and then there's so cute you want to cry, laugh and maybe cry again. This video falls into the latter category.

Japan's Matsue Vogel Park is a beautiful aviary park located on the Sea of Japan. It holds huge numbers of exotic tropical birds like toucans, turacos, ibises and the critically endangered and often poached hornbills. The park has wise birds (owls), huge birds (emus) and adorable birds (penguins, obviously).

Penguins are kind of the star attraction at Matsue Vogel Park. The birds have a scheduled walk every day where they get to cavort around the park and socialize with the guests. But the holidays just upped the cuteness factor of Matsue Vogel's daily penguin walk exponentially, all with the addition of tiny Santa outfits and tiny little bells, ABC News reports.

In other words, every day in this Japanese aviary, guests can watch six tiny penguins waddling in what could very well be unison, looking fancy in sleek velvet red capes and tiny fluffy white trim and green velour bowties topped off with tiny golden bells.

We don't think we're going out on a limb here when we say this will perhaps be one of the greatest ideas of the 21st century — and it's only 2016.

Here's one video to melt your heart.

And hey, because we're feeling particularly generous today, here's another.

The penguins definitely have no idea what holiday they're celebrating, or what a holiday is, for that matter, but seem perfectly content to waddle around the park's premises looking like clueless little elves with wings.

Before we go, here's one more video for your viewing pleasure, that may or may not feature tiny laughing children playing with the penguins. There's no better way to say goodbye to 2016, ring in 2017 or celebrate any occasion, really.

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