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WATCH: Tuna Swallows Unsuspecting Seagull

Important lesson for all seabirds out there: Do not try to steal food from a tuna.

However bad your Tuesday, I bet it's still better than the day this poor seagull had:


Tuna swallows a seagull and spits it out


Lesson learned: Do not try to steal food from a tuna. At least the tuna was nice enough to spit him out at the end. He was probably as surprised as the seagull!

But as strange as it is to see a fish swallowing a bird, it's actually a very common risk for seabirds.

As Michelle Jewel over at Southern Fried Science notes, "Seabirds are often ingested by marine megafauna since both groups forage in the same areas, often on the exact same prey."

Some of it is accidental, like the tuna and the seagull in the clip above. Whale researchers have found seagulls in whale poop, but they were not well-digested, so this is probably another case of accidental bird swallowing.




But not all bird disappearances can be chalked up to honest mistakes. Some marine species really are targeting their feathered counterparts.

Tiger sharks and giant catfish have been observed hunting birds. The tiger sharks hunt young albatross in Hawaii, and the catfish eat pigeons that get too close to the water near the Tarn River in France.



Even turtles, not exactly renowned for their stealth and speed, have been seen successfully stalking pigeons in Brazil.



Turtle versus pigeon probably isn't the classic nature battle you've heard of before, but it sure is dramatic!

In the end, the division between the sky and the sea isn't as absolute as we typically think. A meal is a meal, wherever it comes from; and if you're unlucky enough to be in the way of something big trying to get some food, move, and quickly!


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