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Credit: Instagram/@mattsteblytattoos & @sashaunisex

27 Gnarly Narwhal Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get One

We've scoured Instagram for the gnarliest narwhal tattoos that will get you up on your feet and down to the parlor in no time.

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Aww-dulting: The Moments 7 Ocean Animals Claim 'Independence Day' (From Mom)

As the U.S. celebrates Fourth of July, we decided to explore the stages in which seven ocean animals claim their own independence — from their parents.

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MYSTERY SOLVED: The Real Story Behind the 'Abandoned' Shark Museum on Google Street View

Most people thought this shark museum was deserted, but the real story behind its eerie emptiness is actually one of tragedy and triumph.

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The World’s Only Taxidermied Whale Was Once a Romantic Place to Have Dinner (and Do It, Apparently)

There was a time when you could grab drinks inside the world's only taxidermied whale — that is, until one pair got too frisky and ruined the fun for all.

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