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A Beginner's Guide To Sustainable Seafood

Just as we know the benefits of eating local when it comes to fruits and vegetables, we also know eating sustainable seafood is important.

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Could Hackers Stop Illegal Fishing?

Fishackathons are bringing together developers, designers, and fishing experts to create apps and other tools to fight illegal fishing around the globe.

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Your Sunscreen Could Be Harming The Ocean

A new study published in Environmental Science and Toxicology looked at the effects of microscopic metals, called nanomaterials, on sea urchin embryos.

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Warmer Oceans Means Typhoons Might Get 14 Percent Stronger

By the end of this century the average typhoon could be an entire category stronger than it is now, according to a new report released by Science Advances.

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Protecting the Oceans Could Grow the Economy by $900 Billion

A new study found increased protection of marine protected areas could result in net economic gains of $490 billion to $920 billion between 2015 and 2050.

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