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Don't Be Fooled By This "Underwater Waterfall"

Though these incredible pictures actually aren't a strange internet hoax, they do not in fact show an underwater waterfall. Here's what's really happening.

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14 Chanukah Menorahs That Pay Tribute to the Sea

These menorahs help bring the beauty of the sea to the most beautiful holiday of the year.

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Famous Baby Seals Survive 7.8-Magnitude New Zealand Earthquake

It turns out Ohau Point’s adorable colony of baby seals was hit by last month’s terrifying earthquake, but a new report shows they’re still thriving.

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This Shark Species Can Walk on Land

While most sharks are known for their swimming and hunting skills, one type of shark has a different way of getting around: the walking shark.

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15 Adorably Aquatic Christmas Ornaments

Consider bringing the ocean to your Christmas tree with these beautiful marine ornaments (or give them as gifts to the ocean lovers in your life).

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