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The Surprisingly Legal Trade of Mermaid Ivory

Mermaid ivory has been a prized collector’s item for buyers all over the world, but it’s recently veered into illegal territory.

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Meet the Animal That Looks Exactly Like a Purple Sock Lying on the Seafloor

Scientists have described this primitive sea creature as “a purple sock that you have taken off and thrown on the floor, or a deflated balloon.”

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WATCH: Tubelip Wrasse Kills Coral With Slobbery Kisses From Its Huge Lips

The tubelip wrasse uses its mucus-covered lips to neutralize coral’s defenses. Thanks to a gif, you can watch the slimy lip-lock in action.

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Twitter Is Obsessed With This Sea Lion's Fabulous Posing

Thanks to Instagram, anyone's regular old Friday night can go viral. It helps, though, to have a sea lion nearby that's ready to do some straight stuntin'.

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This Bone-Eating Snot-Flower Worm Is the Freakiest Foodie in the Ocean

Surprising no one, the animal named the bone-eating snot-flower worm is highly unusual, with super-gross anatomy and digestive habits.

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