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Good News! Science Wants You to Move to the Beach

People have long theorized that living near the ocean can benefit one’s health, but now there is data to back it up. Here are 5 proven ocean living boosts.

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How The Mantis Shrimp 'Claw' Could Inspire Helmet and Body Armor Design

The design structure of the mantis shrimp claw can be utilized to create stronger protective materials for humans.

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How A Plant-Based Molecule Can Make Oil Spill Cleanup Greener

A newly engineered biodegradable molecule is as effective as silicone-based oil herders in cleaning up oil spills.

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Scientists Make Surprising Discovery About Deep-Sea Sharks

Scientists have long speculated about whether deep-sea sharks sink when they stop swimming. But new research is causing this theory to slowly unravel.

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Proof That Starfish Are Basically Superheroes

Scientists have recently discovered that starfish can physically expel a deeply embedded foreign object from their body cavity.

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