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Credit: YouTube/BBC

Meet the Giant Trevally, a Monster Fish That Eats Birds

Let us repeat that: A. FISH. THAT. EATS. BIRDS.

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Credit: Underdone Comics

Rob Lang’s Hilarious Octopus Comics Are Giving Us Life

They also answer any and all questions about octopus mating.

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Credit: YouTube/Chat Gentil

WATCH: An Imaginary Shark Scares This Dude Sh*tless

And also this little girl, and this grandma and this newscaster.

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Photo Credit: YouTube/Earth Institute

WATCH: Eerie Footage Reveals Ancient Jellyfish Living Under Ice

In a new paper, scientists report new sightings of a huge ancient jellyfish trawling the depths of the ocean floor.

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Credit: Shutterstock, reddit/bovinespecies

This Girl Owned a Dude's Terrible Shark Pickup Line on Tinder

And also debunked some dangerous rumors about the dangers of sharks.

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