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Literally Just 50+ Photos of Stunningly Beautiful Sea Slugs

Did you know nudibranchs (aka sea slugs) are basically the Beyoncés of the ocean? Check out these beautiful sea slugs that, you know, woke up like this.

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6 Animals That Were Saved by People's Conservation Efforts

Yup — even otters weren't safe at one point. Humans managed to get their mess together in time to save these six species.

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8 Completely Ridiculous Sea Creature Names You Won’t Believe Are Real

What's in a name? We bet these little guys would like to know. Here are the eight most ridiculous sea creature names to ever exist.

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What Are Sneaker Waves & How Can You Protect Yourself?

Sneaker waves are a common phenomenon in the United States. They tend to arrive when you least expect them, and they can be deadly.

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This New Theory May Explain Why Sharks Travel Thousands of Miles to the White Shark Cafe

The White Shark Cafe sounds like a place great whites might sit around sipping lattes. But the real reason for this underwater hotspot is more complicated.

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