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6 Amazing Underwater Photographers to Follow on Instagram

If you’re having a tough workday, check out the Instagram accounts of these underwater photographers. Few things are as calming as underwater photography.

If you’re under the gun during a tough workday, check out the Instagram accounts of these underwater photographers. A few images of the deep dark blue will chill you out with a bit of wonder for what’s under the water.

David Doubilet

David Doubilet, a National Geographic photographer, started out young when at age 12 he stuffed a camera into a rubber anesthesiologist bag to take his first photos underwater. He has photographed the underwater worlds of Africa’s interior, coral reefs all over the planet and has plunged into the cold waters around the north and south poles. In this photo Doubilet captures a diver encircled by barracuda in Malaysia.


Elena Kalis

Whimsical and otherworldly are two words to describe the work of Elena Kalis. Her Instagram feed looks like a Vogue magazine, but underwater – women in evening gowns defy gravity or bikini clad models swim beside giant red starfish. Kalis also gives her followers a snippet of how her images are created with behind the scenes shots and videos.


Mark Tipple

Some of Mark Tipple’s recent photography seems more like a Renaissance painter’s depiction of heaven then anything here on earth. His journey into photography started at 19 when he became fascinated at the reaction of swimmers and surfers as they dove underwater to escape incoming waves. In this photo Mark mixes light, cloud and ocean at Bondi Beach, Australia.


Eugene Tan

The work of photographer Eugene Tan, the man behind Aquabumps, ranges from kitschy aerial shots of sun baking beach goers to submerged surfboards. The Australian-born Tan often heads out with his camera to his local Bondi Beach to captures beach scenes from above and below the water.


Adam Opris

Rather than staged and average wedding photos, why not have Adam Opris photograph you underwater – gown, tux and all. Adam has found his own niche in the wedding market, which has expanded to include underwater maternity photos.


Nicholas Samaras

Photographer Nicholas Samaras, a native of Greece, has received more than 50 awards for his underwater work. His work spans from documenting all types of sea creatures to photographing Olympic swimmers in the pool. In this photo Samaras captures a Compass jellyfish near the Sithonia Peninsula in Greece.

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