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There's a Game Called Underwater Torpedo & It's as Crazy as It Sounds

It's supposed to be calming — though it doesn't really look that calming.

The game that's been dubbed "underwater torpedo" is, somewhat surprisingly, just what it sounds like.

There's a torpedo underwater, and a bunch of bulky athletes in two teams of five chase it around, passing it between each other to try to score a torpedo goal against the opposite team.

It's supposed to be calming. It doesn't really look that calming.

Underwater torpedo was developed by a group of U.S. service members.

Part of their training involved underwater exercises, and they were hoping to create an activity that took their mind off the intensity beneath the surface of the water.

The game was designed to helped them work out their lungs, increase their stamina and strengthen their underwater prowess, all while gaining a sense of calm confidence even way outside their comfort zone.

Now, an Underwater Torpedo League exists in Southern California, with regular games played by athletes, veterans and service members.

Judging by the videos that have emerged from the matches, the game has certainly helped strengthen that underwater confidence (and strengthen a whole lot of muscles) — but it definitely doesn't seem to be a calming activity for all the participants.

Since the players can't come to the surface of the water if they're holding the elusive torpedo, there's a lot of underwater tackling, elbow jabbing and mad dives toward the torpedo that look a whole lot like combat.

Competition aside, though, participants say the league has helped returning service members stay connected to their community and in great physical shape, and has fostered friendships among the torpedo athletes.

If you're crazy enough to think that some underwater chasing after a torpedo sounds like a great afternoon, you can try out the sport for yourself at one of the league's classes.

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