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The Best of #UnderwaterDogs, the Cutest Hashtag on Instagram

There are two types of dogs: those that love the water and those that don't. Thankfully there's an Instagram hashtag that showcases both: #UnderwaterDogs.

There are two types of dogs in this world: those that love the water and those that don't. Thankfully, there's a hashtag on Instagram that can showcase the best of both those types: #UnderwaterDogs.

Because sometimes, albeit rarely, social media just nails it. Here are some of our favorite pooches captured underwater:


1. All Smiles

There's only one thing cuter than a smiling dog, and it's a smiling dog underwater.


2. Who, Me? 

This doggo might not like the camera's gaze and it might not like being underwater, but it still sure can pose.


3. Jaws

You've got to love all the #UnderwaterDogs that could double as dinosaurs.


4. Thinking Dog

Where better to reflect on your life as a dog than in the soft glow of an underwater pic?


5. Inner Tube Pup

Future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades.


6. A Ferocious Game of Fetch

This surreal image shows the intensity and ferocity that comes with a game of fetch, even when that game goes underwater.


7. Cowabunga!

Can't argue anything against those eyes.


8. Swimming Buds

This guy looks a little freaked out to be taking a swim with his human, but once he knows he's won the tennis ball, we're pretty sure he'll be cool.


9. Too Soon

This is what happens when you try to shake all the water off of you ... but you're still underwater. Whoops.


10. Best Buddies

Things underwater are a lot more fun when you've got a good buddy to check things out with you.


11. Part Pig, Part Dog

Who are you calling a brown-noser?


12. Protecting the Eyes

Sure, kids in goggles are cute. But have you seen a dog in goggles — or should we say doggles? This one breaks the cuteness chart.


13. Shocked, Just Shocked

"He did WHAT?"


14. Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes, a dog just needs to take to the open water and clear his thoughts.


15. Tongues Out! 

This is his thinking tongue.


16. Bye bye!


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