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Courtesy Vivo Resorts

There's a Mexican Resort Where You Can Enjoy Vacation AND Release Baby Sea Turtles

I want to go to there.

Want to go on vacation and also give back to the sea? Vivo Resorts could be the getaway location for you.

First off, it's a picture-perfect paradise.

Courtesy Vivo Resorts

But also ... you help release baby sea turtles to the ocean while you're there.

Courtesy Vivo Resorts

Sometimes you really can have it all.


The resort is located in Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico, and rooms range from around $150 to $250 a night, according to its website. And if you're lucky enough to be there during turtle release season, you can participate in the special event.

The baby turtles are hatched at the nearby Palmarito Turtle Camp, which is supported in large part by the Vivo Foundation, according to Visita Puerto. The resort-affiliated organization supplies 24-hour security in case of poachers, as well as radios, headlamps and an enclosed area to protect the eggs.

A rep for the resort tells Azula that once the turtles hatch, they're brought to the resort where guests can participate in their release to the sea roughly three times a week.

The turtles are placed in small bowls so they're never directly touched on their journey to the sea.

Courtesy Vivo Resorts

The rep says that the area is known for its olive ridley turtles, green sea turtles and black sea turtles. Three hundred thousand of the hatchlings have been released via this program thus far, and the resort owner told Visita Puerto that he hopes that number hits a million one day.

The rep says that prime turtle release season is from August-October.

You still have time to go if you wanna see it all unfold this year.


With all the darkness the sea has seen lately between plastic pollution, red tides and more, it would be refreshing to see some life brought to it.

Especially when the turtles you're releasing are this cute.

Giphy/Vivo Resorts

Add your name right now to make a difference for imperiled marine life and our oceans with Oceana.

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