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VIDEO: You Can Stream This Exciting New Documentary on Vimeo

Revolution an inspiring new documentary about the planet. If you've got a spare 90 minutes this week, be sure yo go stream the entire documentary on Vimeo.

"I set out to make a film to save sharks," the trailer below begins.  "And I'm in way over my head."

The voice belongs to Rob Stewart, the filmmaker who created acclaimed documentary Sharkwater about the plight of shark species around the world. And though the issues sharks face are still very real, Stewart learned after making Sharkwater in 2006 that there's a much bigger picture of how conservation issues—like the ones that involve sharks—are affecting the entire planet and life on Earth. Like so many, he's realized the implications could be disastrous.

Hence Revolution, Stewart's newest film that provides and in-depth at those bigger implications. Revolution (which you can watch all of on Vimeo right now) gives a history of life on our planet and the five mass extinctions that have happened so far. It also shows how political corruption and corporate greed have precipitated what many consider to be the sixth extinction.

Over the course of four years, travelling to fifteen countries, Stewart's new film also shows how a revolution has begun, and how the power to save both the planet and mankind is in the hands of the people. Revolution aims to teach people that "There's nothing more important than conservation because conservation is the preservation of human life on Earth."

The film is an exciting look at crucial environmental issues, as well as an inspiring reminder that people can really make a difference. It has already won several awards, and it even has Justin Bieber's seal of approval.

So if you've got a spare 90 minutes this week, be sure you go stream the entire documentary on Vimeo.

h/t onEarth

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