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This Bobbit Worm Video Will Give You Nightmares

Bobbit worms a creature supposedly named after a woman, who attack and bite her. Check Bobbit Worm Bite and Human Attack Video and GIFs

A creature supposedly named after a woman who cut off half of her husband’s penis likely isn’t something you want to mess with. However, one strange man enjoys catching them to use as fish bait, and thankfully caught the encounter on video so it could haunt all of our dreams.

What is this creature from hell, you ask? Meet Eunice aphroditois, aka the bobbit worm, an unnerving-looking species that can grow to 10 feet in length.


It ranges in color from dark brown to golden red and has a shimmery rainbow iridescence, almost as if to offset its disturbing appearance.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

These sea demons will burrow into the ocean floor, exposing an unnoticeable few inches of their bodies, and wait patiently until unsuspecting prey swim overhead. What happens next explains the whole penis-chopping nickname.


Once its five antennae get wind of the passing prey, it uses its terrifying mouth parts (called a pharynx) to snap them up and drag them back into their burrow. The pharynx is so incredibly strong that it has the power to snap a fish in two.


Bobbit worms are found all over the world, but don’t panic: Attacks on humans are rare.

These creatures are just one of Azula's top 10 baddasses of the ocean. Check out the rest here.

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