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10 Weirdest Things Ever Found in Shark Stomachs

Most sharks have to eat 2% to 3% of their body weight each day (same), so they can get carried away. Here are 10 of oddest items found in shark stomachs.

Next time you feel guilty for accidentally eating a full box of Girl Scouts cookies, know that your diet is still better than a tiger shark's. That is, unless you, too, have been eating license plates and a chicken coop full of chickens — both things that have been found in shark stomachs.

Tiger sharks in particular are known as the “garbage cans of the sea," but they're not the only kind of shark that has been caught consuming something bizarre. Most sharks have to eat 2 to 3 percent of their body weight each day (same), so sometimes they get a little carried away.

Here are 10 of the most surprising items that have been found in shark stomachs.

1. License Plates

Cupcakes would have been tastier. Source: Flickr, kgroovy

Plates from pretty much every state have been found in tiger shark stomachs, even from land-locked Kansas. Scientists think sharks could be drawn to license plates because when they catch the light, they shine a bit like fish scales.

2. A Chicken Coop Full of Chickens

Source: Flickr, Violette79

It makes sense that a shark would want to eat chickens, sort of, but how did a full chicken coop end up in the ocean to begin with?

3. A Full Suit of Armor

This happened in the 16th century when wearing a suit of armor was a bit more common, but it's still pretty impressive that a shark managed to swallow it whole.

4. A Horse's Head

The shark that had a horse's head as a snack was clearly in the mafia.

5. A Bag of Money

Another shark most likely involved in organized crime.

6. A Cannonball

Source: Flickr, Nick Normal

This happened back in 1832, possibly during a battle. While it wasn't the smartest move to eat the cannonball after it was fired, it's pretty amazing that the shark swam around with a cannonball in its belly.

7. A Fur Coat

We hope you take this as a lesson to never wear your fur coat to the beach!

8. Musical Instruments

Including guitars and harmonicas. Hopefully they belonged to that guy who always pulls out his guitar at parties and plays “American Pie."

9. A Bottle of Wine

Fishermen caught a blue shark off the coast of France in 1942 and found a bottle of Portuguese wine inside. Did they drink it? Would YOU drink it? Shark wine kind of reminds us of subway wine.

10. Porcupine

A tiger shark off the coast of Australia ate a porcupine, and regretted it, we imagine.

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