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A Woman Called 911 on a Whale & the Recording Is Hilarious

The whale sighting was truly an emotional rollercoaster for this family.

Imagine you're taking a pleasant family boat ride, enjoying the scenery, when all of a sudden you notice that three large humpback whales have surrounded you. Would you scream? Pull out your phone to take a video? Call 911? A family on a boat trip in the Puget Sound in Washington did all three.

The whale sighting was truly an emotional rollercoaster for this family. In the video, the dad — we don't see any human faces, but his kids refer to him as "Dad" — mostly stays in awe of the whales and tries to calm his family down.

The first words you hear in the video, which has gone viral, are the man saying, "Don't start the motor. Do not start the motor!" You can also hear a woman beginning to slightly freak out.

The dad then says, "Alright, alright, calm down."


The woman notices the whales are heading toward the boat, and she worries that they're going to swim right under them. The dad reassures everyone that they're just "checking them out" and that whales are intelligent animals.

These words don't quite comfort the family. You can even hear someone saying, "We're going to die!"

Meanwhile, the dad continues trying to get his family to appreciate the magic of nature. "Look at that, he's rolling!" the dad exclaims.

The family remains unimpressed, but the dad adds, "Oh my god, this is amazing, you guys!"


It's at this point that the woman, perhaps the mom in the family, makes her 911 call. She lets the dispatcher know that she saw three whales swimming under their boat and that everyone was very scared.

Another male voice, probably the son, starts pressing the dad to drive away — and fast. "Drive away dad," the son says. "Drive away faster!"


If you're wondering, the family does appear to make a safe escape, and the whale is OK, too.

Of course, some commenters on the internet thought the idea of calling 911 on a couple of whales was a little silly.

In the woman's defense, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric does have a program called " See a Spout... Watch Out!"


It includes guidelines on how far away boats should stay from whales during whale watching, or if you see that telltale spout.

The guidelines are more about protecting whales from boats than the other way around. But knowing that humpback whales grow to be 50 feet long, it makes sense to be a little uncomfortable when they're swimming right there. Everyone on the boat had a whale of a reaction, but they're all understandable in their own way!

Watch the whole video here:

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