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20 Whale Memes That Will Make You LOL

From the punny to the celeb-filled and everything in between, we've rounded up the best whale memes krillin' it on the internet.

These days it seems like memes make the world go round. But, what better meme is there than one that includes everyone's favorite ocean mammal? From the punny to the celeb-filled and everything in between, we've rounded up the best whale memes for you to enjoy.

After looking at this list, you'll agree that otter memes are so five minutes ago. (Just kidding, there can never be enough cute sea animal jokes. Bring 'em all on.)

1. Calling All Cetaceans

The Wikipedia entry for cetacean species uses "cetacean needed" instead of "citation needed" because puns are great.

2. Too Mainstream

Maybe this is why you can only find whales in the ocean.

3. Whale Wash

Always be prepared.

4. This One's Krilling Us

We wouldn't dare!

5. Well, Well, Well

This one is an internet classic for good reason. It's the perfect shot of three whales.

6. It's A Whale

I only have friends who make whale jokes.

7. Dad Joke Alert

The orcadontist sounds much more fun than the orthodontist, that's for sure.

8. Hermione Would Be Proud

It's leviORCA not levioSAH.

9. Newfound Fame

He's a star now.

10. For Your One True Love

This person found their perfect match.

11. Please Stop

Fun fact: One time Taylor Swift sent this meme to a magazine for saying she was pregnant when she definitely wasn't.

12. Not True

Get it? Because it's a false killer whale? Another dad joke for the ages


13. Mistletoe Time

Seal it with a kiss.

14. Ruler of the Seas

Technically Prince Harry is the Prince of Wales (the country, not the animal), but this would be even cooler. And, according to the Telegraph, the reigning monarch technically owns all the dolphins, whales and sturgeons within 3 miles of British soil. So, maybe one day Harry will also be the King of Whales.

15. Yes Whale!

Taylor Swift is just the most supportive whale watcher. If you haven't seen the video where she encouragingly shouts, "Whale! Whale! Look at it! Yes whale!" you need to.

We would all do well to channel our inner yes whale.

16. Marketing Mistake

17. Fixed It

The cutest li'l sea panda we ever did see.

18. Life Can Be Tough

But that's why whale memes exist! They make everything better.

19. Whitney Houston Whale [Shark]

OK, OK, so it's technically a whale shark, but it was too funny to leave out. The only way this picture would be better is if it said, "Whale always love you," but we'll forgive it because the serenading whale shark picture is still great.

20. This Snack Lover

Honestly, same.

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