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WATCH: Terrifying Moment Giant Whale Tail Smacked This Boat

Look out!

Whale-watching tourists pay a lot of money to try to get up close to these majestic animals — and sometimes they get a little too close.

That's what happened to a group off the coast of Nova Scotia in early September.

According to CBC News, they were just chugging along in an inflatable Zodiac boat and hadn't really seen anything of note. In fact, the man who would later capture the below footage nearly turned off his camera out of boredom when all of a sudden ...

A giant humpback whale tail popped up to say hello.

whale tail hits boat

Giphy/CBC News

It then slammed down on the front of the boat.

whale tail hits boat

Giphy/CBC News

Good thing he kept the camera rolling!

CBC reported that neither whale nor passenger was injured in the incident, and it will forever make for an amazing story. A whale of a tale, so to speak.

While the guests aboard hadn't seen anything until that point, CBC reported that the driver had seen the whale in the distance and turned off his motor for the animal's safety.

That's because boats aren't allowed to drive within 100 meters of whales according to a new Canadian law, as reported by another CBC article.

In the end, the quiet boat may be what drew the whales to them.

whale tail hits boat


It's not the first time a boat operator has ceased its engines and then seen the whales approach out of curiosity.

CTV News reported in July 2018 that a similar thing happened to tour boat operator Nick Templeman in British Columbia. When he spotted a humpback whale in the distance, he turned his motors off in accordance with the 100 meters rule and watched from afar.

Soon the whale came to him, staying for 90 minutes swimming around and under his boat.

whale tail hits boat


It's almost as if — when we don't scare them with our noisy boats — the whales are more likely to want to come see what us humans are up to.

And, sure, there may be a briefly terrifying close encounter or two — but those make for the best kinds of videos.

Whether it's a whale breaching and sending a giant splash over a boat ...

whale tail hits boat

Giphy/Glacier Bay Country Inn

Or knocking it with its tail, these are the kinds of experiences whale watching is all about. And if we're respectful of them, the whales may just come closer.

Check out the full whale tail video below:

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