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5 Worst Aquatic Places to Catch ‘Em All in Pokemon Go

Steer clear of these ocean areas if you want to win at “Pokemon Go” — and life.

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few days, you've probably heard about the game bringing major 90s nostalgia vibes to today's smartphone users.

“Pokemon Go” is taking the tech world by storm, mixing the real world and virtual world to make you the Poketrainer your adolescent self always wanted to be.

Gamers are definitely getting into it, with Pokemon lurking in the strangest of places. From strip clubs to the open water, Squirtle and his friends certainly know where and how to make you work for it.

If you've chosen to run with Team Blue, you will likely find yourself searching in aquatic places, so we decided to share the five places we'd suggest steering clear of in case you feel so inclined.

1. The Blue Hole


Frequently referred to as the “diver's cemetery,” this underwater sinkhole on the east coast of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is probably not the best place to go searching for Wartortle, no matter how important he is to your game strategy. The dangerous dive spot is over 400 feet deep with a tunnel connecting it to the open ocean well beneath the recommended 98-foot diving limit.

At this depth, nitrogen narcosis creates a numbing feeling similar to that of alcohol consumption, impairing diving abilities. The odd angle of the archway also makes the opening appear closer, and divers have died trying to get through the tunnel. Needless to say, your future in the game is probably not worth the risk.

2. Hanakapiai Beach


Don't underestimate this Hawaiian beauty in your attempt to capture Vaporeon. Though the water may seem calm and tranquil, strong riptides and currents lurk beneath the surface and have claimed some 80 swimmers over the years.

Not convinced? A sign placed at the beach warns visitors to stay away and keeps a tally of the current death toll. We can't find one reason why diving into this bad boy is worth another tally mark.

3. Cook Inlet


With some of the most intense tidal exchanges in the United States, this area near the coast of Anchorage, Alaska, is not worth the hassle of even the most experienced Poketrainer.

Kingler may by able to handle the quicksand-like silt, but we can't guarantee the same for you. And don’t forget the 40-foot tidal shift, in case you needed more reasons to avoid this danger zone.

4. Mariana Trench


Being the deepest point of the ocean, this one should be a no-brainer, but we suppose it's better to be safe than sorry. Clocking in at nearly 7 miles deep, Poketrainers would be unable to see anything in the pitch-black depths.

Not to mention the heavy water pressure, equivalent to having 50 jumbo jets piled on top of you. It's safe to say any chance of catching Lapras just isn't worth your life.

5. Queensland, Australia


The Land Down Under is home to some the most amazing marine life on the planet, including friends like Vaporeon and Gyarados. However, if said Pokemon are located off the coast of Queensland, we'd advise extreme caution.

Not only is this area home to saltwater crocodiles and the venomous blue-ringed octopus; it’s also inhabited by the deadly box jellyfish. Some species of the jelly have tentacles up to 10 feet and contain enough poison to kill a person in less than five minutes. Entire beaches are often shut down after even one sighting of this creature. We'd advise shutting down your Pokemon search as well.


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