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WATCH: Yuki the Chubby Seal Has Gone Viral for Very Adorable Reasons

Yuki the seal's main skill is that her face is super squishable.

Some animals wow us with their basketball skills, like this otter. Other times, we're amazed at how dolphins can teach other dolphins how to moon walk. Then there's Yuki, the chubby ringed seal whose main skill is that her face is super squishable. And you know what? We love her for it.

Yuki lives at the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan in western Japan. But she recently became world-famous when this video of an aquarium employee squishing her face went viral.

When Yuki pops her head back out, it kind of creates the illusion that she's more svelte than she looks with her face squished. But it's actually her long neck that's the illusion — Yuki is in fact very round.

We don't have to explain why this image also went viral.


Yuki doesn't just sit there looking cute and round, though. She also knows other behaviors that aquariums typically use to make sure an animal is healthy.

The video doesn't give an explanation, but aquarium staff might use this move to check Yuki's flippers, for instance.


Staff may also ask a seal to roll over so they check out their belly for scratches — or to give belly rubs, of course.


So how does this butterball compare to other ringed seals? The average ringed seal weighs about 150 pounds and eats 5 to 6 percent of its body weight in fish every day. The aquarium reports that Yuki has a healthy appetite and eats about 6.5 pounds of fish per day.

Ringed seals are on the smaller size as far as seals go, at least in terms of length: They grow to be between 4.5 and 5 feet long.

They're native to the Arctic and to Japan, which may explain why Japan has produced several adorable videos of them, such as this one, featuring a mom and baby ringed seal very lazily playing together:


The fact that all of this ringed seal content is in English, Japanese and Korean proves that Yuki is truly an international superstar. And all she really had to do was sit there. You're our hero, Yuki!

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