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Photo Credit: YouTube/求生意志太堅強

WATCH: Zombie Goldfish Stays Alive Despite Losing Its Head

Just call him Ichabod Carp.

Lots of spooky things happen in the ocean. Just take the deep sea. There, you can find the Pacific barreleye fish, that submarine-looking fish with the transparent head. Crazy, right?

You can also find the goblin shark, with its weird and long nose and nail-like teeth. Ghastly, right? You can also find those opalescent bugs called giant isopods, which have eyes that look like evil sunglasses and enough arms to be a one-man fry cook. Haunting, right?

Freaky deep-sea demon bugs!

But sometimes the scariest, spookiest things happen right beside us, next door to us or even in our own homes. And recently, something truly horrifying — scarier than giant sea bugs, goblin sharks and glass-faced fish combined — something truly terrible came to be in one man's freshwater fish tank in Taiwan, according to the Daily Mail.

The man's name is Lin Shaolun, and the monster in question is a headless goldfish that appeared in his tank around October 20. The goldfish, which, we repeat, has no head, seems to be swimming around just fine in a clip that Lin posted to a local Facebook group, despite its complete and utter lack of the life-sustaining organs that usually reside in, oh, what do you call it again, a head.

Just call him Ichabod Carp.

The shubunkin goldfish was meant to be fed to Lin's pufferfish, but the pufferfish, clearly satiated from some earlier snack, consented only to bite off the head of the sacrificial fish, condemning it to live out the end of its days as some terrible decapitated ghost, ambling mindlessly (get it?) and bumping into the walls of the aquarium because it can't see.

The video also shows an orange fish hiding for its dear life under a plastic plant from the unfathomable horror of a fish with no face but complete mobility.

Commenters on the video have urged Lin to dispose of the fish, as its open wound could lead to a bacterial infection that could then contaminate the whole tank.

But doing so could upset the Dark Lord who alone holds the power to give life and take life away and also keep life going, through some impossible mechanism, in a fish that has lost its head but not its hope.

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